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Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 15:40
RT @WS_Brussels: #EUCO to discuss trade on 22-23 March. In a time of disrupting trends, how can the #EU and #Australia align to fight risin
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 15:15
Some really exciting changes in our Consumer and Health teams
Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 09:06
Check out this podcast with #WeberShandwick APAC & EMEA Chairman Tim Sutton and @holmesreport ’s @ArunSudhaman
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 15:40
Research by #webershandwick has shown that, in 2018, organisations need to have a social purpose beyond profit - a sense of shared value. But, how do you create that value? @ReputationRx, @irumsby and @mcleodjon discuss the key strategies for success.
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 13:02
How can you tell where the world is heading? We looked at the research - twelve months of it! @ReputationRx, @irumsby and @mcleodjon survey a year's worth of #WeberShandwick's global research to show you the trends of 2018 (and beyond). Check it:
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 13:00
RT @prweekuknews: .@WeberShandwick hires London public affairs lead from Edelman: #pr #comms @WS_London https://t.c
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 13:00
RT @prweekuknews: "Collaboration is at the core of our DNA" - PRWeek meets the most senior woman in UK agency PR: @
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 11:27
RT @WeberShandwick: BUYcotters slant younger (median age of 43 vs. 46 for boycotters). If this generational pattern continues, BUYcotters w
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 13:33
RT @holmesreport: Weber Shandwick Opens Office In Kenya To Serve Clients Across Africa
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 10:30
Our new research found that the consumer activist community expect CEOs to speak up. #ConsumerActivism
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 17:44
RT @Media_Trust: We're looking forward to next week's #charity masterclass at @WS_London all about reaching female audiences in 2018. Book
Tweet : Feb 16th 2018 11:03
RT @WeberShandwick: During his recent trip to APAC, our CEO @andypolansky talked with @livemint about the continued evolution of the PR ind
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 14:14
RT @holmesreport: Winner of #In2SABRE for Best In Real-Time Engagement is The Debate Headache with @GSK, @Excedrin & @WeberShandwick https:
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 14:13
RT @holmesreport: Finalist of #In2SABRE for Best in Show #2 is Eclipsing the Eclipse with @RoyalCaribbean & @WeberShandwick
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 15:19
RT @WeberShandwick: Affecting company reputation is a top goal of both boycotters and BUYcotters. #ConsumerActivism
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 09:41
RT @Media_Trust: We can't wait for our next charity masterclass! This one is #IWD2018 inspired. We'll be joining global PR agency @WS_Londo
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 09:32
83% of consumer activists agree it’s more important now than ever to show support for companies by buying from them vs. 59% participating in boycotts. #ConsumerActivism
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 11:42
RT @prweekuknews: Top of the Month – @IcelandFoods steals march on rivals with plastics pledge: #pr @WeberShandwick
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 11:42
RT @WS_IDN: Of the UK and US consumers who've engaged in #ConsumerActivism, 65% have BUYcotted a brand. https://t.c
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 16:08
RT @WS_IDN: A rising #ConsumerActivism movement is emerging in support of companies and their reputations. https://
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 11:37
RT @WeberShandwick: BUYcotts are increasingly overtaking boycotts, with intended impact to company reputation. More via @fastcompany on our
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 08:40
Our new research on #ConsumerActivism found that the BUYcott movement is growing and expected to outpace boycotts.
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 11:08
RT @holmesreport: “Crisis comms is advanced common sense," says @JackLeslie. “Companies are organisms – when they are really shook, they te
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 11:08
RT @holmesreport: Is regulation the best way to tackle fake news? @Jackleslie: “Unless the media sign up to a set of standards, we’re going
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 19:19
RT @mwm363: Read @joeyfjones's preview of #Davos2018 on @WS_London's #TheDebate
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 11:22
RT @WeberShandwick: Our industry’s evolution necessitates diverse perspectives. We’ve partnered with @nyusteinhardt for our inaugural #NYUa
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 16:18
RT @stratandbiz: 51% of respondents would be more likely to buy from a company whose CEO speaks out on an issue (if they agree with the CEO
Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 17:25
RT @WS_Brussels: #PlasticsStrategy has been released today! While we’re analysing its impact, watch our short interview with Karl Falkenber
Tweet : Jan 12th 2018 11:56
From firefighting to fashion, see how experience in the world outside PR helps 12 of our people in their work here.
Tweet : Jan 9th 2018 10:44
President of Measurement and Analytics, @HugleyA weighs in on the role data plays in underscoring the value of PR to today's C-Suite. (via @PRNews)

Virgin Atlantic - Kiss and Fly
Virgin Atlantic
(Virgin Atlantic)
Kiss and Fly
Public relations (PR)
We created the Kiss & Fly campaign to promote the new 30-minute free drop-off parking space.
Jun 20th 2017 13:17:02
ActionAid - #BrutalCut
Digital, Public relations (PR)
ActionAid UK and Weber Shandwick's #BrutalCut disrupts content to raise awareness of FGM.
Aug 3rd 2016 10:57:34
Simple Skincare - Beauty Vlogger Partnership, Made Simple
Simple Skincare
Beauty Vlogger Partnership, Made Simple
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Working with Ingrid Nilsen on a global influencer engagement campaign.
Apr 14th 2016 10:28:30
ActionAid - #washedaway
Digital, Public relations (PR)
We created the first weather data-activated billboard in Piccadilly Circus for ActionAid.
Apr 14th 2016 10:28:23

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