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Tweet : Jun 21st 2018 18:36
How do you make sure your SEO works in different cultures?
Tweet : Jun 21st 2018 17:36
Is your SEO working across different cultures? Probably not.
Tweet : Jun 21st 2018 12:39
Stop wasting money: Take cultural, economic and technological differences into account when planning your SEO
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 04:00
"The dialogue to date has been around diversity in investing as a moral imperative, while I see it as an economic imperative." - @ch3ryl Founder of @fissionstrategy #TechnoServeDiscuss
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 03:00
"Halo effect of female driven business in developing countries results in all boats rising." - @Aedhmar #TechnoServeDiscuss @TechnoServe
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 02:55
RT @hramseySF: “Black women in America are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs” @ch3ryl #TechnoServeDiscuss #womenintech #FemaleFoun
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 02:45
"I am a 4th generation investor, but first female [in my family], and I had no female role models." @JesseDraper shares her story and why she founded @HalogenVC, a venture capital fund focused on female founded consumer technologies. #TechnoServeDiscuss
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 02:22
@Aedhmar discusses the importance of female founders around the world alongside some powerful women leaders @ch3ryl, @JesseDraper and Esta Kamau @TechnoServe #TechnoServeDiscuss
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 18:45
RT @holmesreport: CloudHealth Technologies Taps Text100 To Lead PR
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 18:45
RT @TechnoServe: Join us this evening in San Franciso to learn how #femalefounders around the world succeed as #entrepreneurs during a pane
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 17:32
It's time for you to lipsync FOR YOUR LIFE. On Facebook. For some reason.
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 15:32
Can Facebook take on Twitch and YouTube?
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 12:32
Facebook, but 3D? This and more in our #SocialMedia news roundup
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 12:31
Brands have forgotten their audiences are real people, not just segments and demographics. @RodCartwright explains how we can fix this. #ECS2018
Tweet : Jun 13th 2018 12:35
Why will the brands of tomorrow reconnect with basic human needs? Our Regional Director @RodCartwright will talk more about a human centric marketing model at 2.45 pm today. @commssummit @codimag #ecs2018 #Berlin
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 17:34
Hour-long Instagram videos? That and all the important #SocialMedia news from this week:
Tweet : Jun 8th 2018 16:04
The cream of the week's #SocialMedia news, just for you:
Tweet : Jun 7th 2018 18:32
So, how screwed are we? Internet oracle Mary Meeker released her latest Internet Trends Report and we've been looking for clues
Tweet : Jun 7th 2018 17:32
How worried should we be? Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report offers glimpses of the answer
Tweet : Jun 7th 2018 12:34
Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report is out, and we're asking the important questions
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 17:38
7 ways you – and we – can help stop the spread of #FakeNews We’re proud to stand with @PRCouncil and @NewsLitProject as #PartnersInFact. <br/>
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 16:37
RT @codimag: Ahead of his session at @commssummit *next week* @RodCartwright describes the breakthrough #brands will have when they #think
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 16:12
How to sort fiction from fact? Be active listeners, humanize the story, and create a dialogue. #PartnersInFact @NewsLitProject @PRCouncil
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 15:38
How do we sort fiction from fact in the digital age? Break down barriers, build trust and bridge the gap between different audiences #PartnersInFact @NewsLitProject @PRCouncil
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 12:38
We're proud to be part of a Social Day of Action with @NewsLitProject and @PRCouncil on the importance of news literacy. Stay tuned to find out more about how we are #PartnersInFact
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 15:36
Data can be scary, but also useful. Like a lion with a plunger for a tail.
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 12:36
It's time to get with the program. Well, the algorithm.
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 08:45
Not all words are created equal. Find out more with our Insights & Analytics team
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 07:36
What can RuPaul teach us about GDPR?
Tweet : Jun 3rd 2018 18:15
What's going on with people's opinions of Facebook? Our sentiment tracking reveals something surprising
News : May 8th 2018 by Jennifer Christie
We’re pretty flipping pleased to say that we’ve been recognised by the Holmes Report as the best agency to work for in EMEA. It’s... read more

Vodafone -
"The Call" with John Boyega
Public relations (PR), Social
John Boyega is saving lives while he sleeps, all thanks to the Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab app
May 25th 2018 16:02:12
Coca-Cola - The Ultimate Christmas Sleepover
(The Coca-Cola Company )
The Ultimate Christmas Sleepover
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
A sneak peek into the iconic red truck as the doors opened for the ultimate Christmas sleepover.
Feb 6th 2018 17:10:45
Diet Coke - The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Diet Coke
(The Coca-Cola Company)
The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
Diet Coke & Stylist Magazine: The Creator's Collective bursary winner is announced at Stylist Live.
Nov 13th 2017 16:41:39
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Pizza Hut Limited)
Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Public relations (PR), Social
Launching the world’s first ever Pizza Box Remixer with Love Island star Kem Cetinay
Oct 31st 2017 10:54:53
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Yum! Brands)
Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Public relations (PR)
We launched a Hawaiian pizza flavoured lip balm with Pizza Hut Restaurants for National Kissing Day
Jul 28th 2017 13:34:25

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