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Tweet : Feb 28th 2018 13:10
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #HotPick @bandstandlondon worked with @RAEngNews to launch @ThisIsEng, a campaign designed to dismantle the out
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 13:13
Representing the South in the North, impressive opening to what should be a fantastic programme launch for Great Exhibition of the North @getnorth2018 @NCLScience #GetNorth2018
Tweet : Feb 14th 2018 10:06
???????? well done @ilkafranz for SILVER in the oneeyeland awards for your work on @wembleypark #photography #stilllife #oneeyelandawards
Tweet : Feb 9th 2018 13:44
Sitting down as a team for an early start to welcoming the #YearOfTheDog ???? #CNY2018
Tweet : Feb 8th 2018 12:35
RT @ThisIsEng: "Engineering's the coolest thing in the world, but also the world’s best kept secret” said @iamwill. That's why we launched
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 18:04
Thanks @TheDrumCreative @TheDrum for featuring #ThisisEngineering in Creative Work of the Week: 'uncool' engineering lands at the heart of fashion and sport in industry rebrand #YOE @ThisIsEng @RAEngNews @EngineeringUK @envypost @RiffRaffFilms
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 16:16
It's great being here, speaking with likeminded individuals.
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 12:22
@caulcrick had a passion for helping others and a love of gadgets. Now he builds bodies #ThisisEngineering #YOE
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 10:49
Watch how @charlesbburr is bringing his engineering expertise into the boxing ring. There's more to engineering than you think #ThisisEngineering #YOE
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 16:09
Great to see #DavidReviews recognising the work that went into #ThisisEngineering and how important #workplacediversity is. Special thank you to @RiffRaffFilms AND @envypost
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 16:06
#ThisisEngineering is now on @TheDrumCreative showcasing the importance of engineers. Show your support for this campaign and cause by casting your vote in the link below
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 10:20
@lazboy ensure they have the best in the business when it comes to testing their products. Watch the new ad released today, showing the likes of Captain Puffins, Chief Design Officer at work
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 12:03
Think you know engineering? Think again. It was great working with 'Wonder Maker' @danielaprds to show how creative a career in engineering can be #ThisisEngineering #YOE
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 11:54
#ThisisEngineering showcases the unrivalled opportunities engineering offers Watch @danielaprds @charlesbburr @pakritas @Rocket_woman1 and @caulcrick tell their stories
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 16:20
RT @ThisIsEng: Changing the image of our profession among teens - read why we launched #ThisIsEngineering in @TheEngineerUK:
Tweet : Jan 29th 2018 15:39
With museums and galleries as her canvas @pakritas uses light as her brush. It's amazing where engineering can take you #ThisisEngineering #YOE
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 16:12
@Rocket_Woman1 didn't hesitate to grab the out of this world opportunities engineering has to offer #thisisengineering #YoE
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 12:42
RT @EngineeringUK: Our campaign #thisisengineering uses real-life stories from five young engineers. @danielaprds @charlesbburr @pakritas @
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 12:30
RT @ThisIsEng: Want to #inspireanengineer? Visit our YouTube channel for videos of real engineering role models that you can share and embe
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 12:28
Hayaatun Sillem, CEO of @RAEngNews on @BBCr4today discussing the importance of getting young people involved in engineering and why we should all be supporting @ThisIsEng
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 11:36
@ThisIsEng launched by @RAEngNews sets out to change perceptions of engineering. Whether its tech, sport or design, follow it into engineering. See the campaign created by @bandstandlondon here: #ThisIsEngineering #YofE
Tweet : Jan 24th 2018 16:57
@mwt37 @BigBangFair @theresa_may Completely agree, we need to inspire and help the next generation to follow what they love into engineering.
Tweet : Jan 24th 2018 16:53
RT @EngCouncil: Let’s inspire the next generation to follow what they love into engineering – @ThisIsEng launches this week!
Tweet : Dec 15th 2017 11:02
We were inspired to commission this poem as a proud sponsor of GOSH's 18th Christmas Carol Concert. This year, we’re looking to raise money for their ‘Room to Breathe’ appeal.
Tweet : Nov 8th 2017 15:43
With the Autumn Internationals just around the corner, Bandstand is pretty divided! #England#Ireland#Italy#SouthAfrica#Australia
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 12:28
Everything you need to know on rebranding @johnsonbanks #whybrandschange
Tweet : Oct 16th 2017 10:25
RT @mjcp_london: Stunning printed site hoarding for Senator - 111,000 sqft of premium office space delivered in 2018 designed @BenAdamsArch
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2017 13:15
Thanks @crimsonhexagon & all involved for the great event on #PowerofData - #ogilvytrends2017 #thisgirlcan
Tweet : Oct 2nd 2017 16:15
An interesting take on hiring #underdog #scrapper
Tweet : Sep 26th 2017 12:41
Yet another reason why we love where we work #berwickstreet #food #vegan

Royal Academy of Engineering - This is Engineering
Royal Academy of Engineering
(Royal Academy of Engineering)
This is Engineering
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
A campaign to transform the perception of engineering in response to a worsening skills shortage.
Feb 19th 2018 13:24:54
PayPal  - PayPal Moments
(& Channel 4)
PayPal Moments
Channel 4 media partnership to create 6 contextually relevant films to dispel product myths.
Oct 9th 2017 16:04:27
Channel 4  - Fill Your Cart with Colour - Channel 4 'Great British Bake-off'
Channel 4
(& eBay)
Fill Your Cart with Colour - Channel 4 'Great British Bake-off'
Advertising/Creative, Digital
Celebrating Channel 4 talent and their eBay purchases, to express their baking individuality.
Sep 19th 2017 10:32:25

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