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Thanks @Campaignmag for featuring us and @bobmillstt in your Most Effective Celebrity ads of all time ! We nearly forgot there was a time before congestion charge *cough cough* ???????? @TfL
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RT @Campaignmag: #Campaign50: Countdown of the 50 most effective celebrity campaigns (number 29 to 20)
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RT @HarveyNichols: “I’m a modern-day rebel because I choose to move with intention, I choose to be true to myself, and I never let anybody
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RT @karinasw: Thanks @EffieAwards_UK @alinecsantos and the rest of the jury. Excellent result for Grand winner @LidlUK @TBWALONDON https://
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RT @HelenPankhurst: 'Deeds not Words' as relevant as ever, wonderful symbolism from Harvey Nichols...lets keep up the pressure, keep being
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It’s a... Gold and a Grand Effie! Congratulations to all the lidluk team for winning Most Effective Work of the Year @EffieAwards_UK ????????
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RT @annavogt: Polishing off International Talk Like A Pirate Day in style. Some Gold and a Grand Prix for our treasure chest @TBWALONDON ht
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RT @LuckyGenerals: @TBWALONDON @YorkshireTea Yes, we imagine you might need a very large pot of super-strength. Well done on your amazing
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RT @LuckyGenerals: Hurrah! We’ve won our first ever Effie for @YorkshireTea Not sure how effective we’ll be tomorrow morning though...
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@LuckyGenerals @YorkshireTea Congratulations! Make ours a strong one this morning please ????
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RT @EffieAwards_UK: The 2018 Grand Effie goes to “How Lidl Grew A Lot” by @LidlUK & @TBWALONDON! The campaign produced exceptional results
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RT @saraktate: Our dedicated Lidl team only went and got the blimmin Grand Prix at the Effies last night. Such a great body of work over th
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RT @EffieAwards_UK: “How Lidl Grew A Lot”enough to earn a Gold Effie in Sustained Success - Services! Congrats, @LidlUK & @TBWALONDON! ????????
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RT @HarveyNichols: Thank you for smashing our windows @HelenPankhurst, @kesangball, @theslumflower, @AnnoushkaDucas, @itsanitarani, @tinysu
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@HarveyNichols @HelenPankhurst @kesangball @theslumflower @itsanitarani @tinysunbird @JamieChadwick55 @MrsAnnaKJones @AnnoushkaDucas
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@MailOnline interviewed @HelenPankhurst @HarveyNichols when she smashed the windows 100 years after her great grandmother led the #Suffragettes to do the same. WATCH : #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 16:00
Thanks again @MrsAnnaKJones for joining us and @HelenPankhurst in smashing the windows @HarveyNichols as her great-grandmother did 100 years ago. What an historic morning ! #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 15:50
Thanks @harpersbazaaruk for stopping by the @HarveyNichols store this #LFW. Thrilled to have you support @HelenPankhurst & a group of fearless females smashing the windows in celebration of #Vote100. #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 15:38
Thanks @JamieChadwick55 for joining us to drive home an important point @HarveyNichols! Amazing to see you and a crew of fearless females smash the windows just as the Suffragettes did 100 years ago ! #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 15:27
Thanks Alice Newbold @UKVogue for sharing @HarveyNichols #Vote100 celebration with @theslumflower @HelenPankhurst and @itsanitarani ! #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 15:14
ICYMI: We smashed the @HarveyNichols windows just as the #Suffragettes did 100 years ago and @kesangball joined us along with a host of female leaders, activists and campaigners! #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
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RT @danielle_darlin: The streets are talking. Make sure you’re listening! #hellohollynichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 14:41
RT @charlottebush2: Loving the #hellohollynichols pavements @HarveyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 14:14
Most dramatic glass shatter goes to..... @MrsAnnaKJones @HarveyNichols #DeedsNotWords #Vote100
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:50
What an honour and a pleasure to have @tinysunbird and @HelenPankhurst join us @HarveyNichols, smashing the store windows as the Suffragettes did 100 years ago. #Vote100 Get a closer look here: #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:42
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:41
RT @tinysunbird: This really was an honour: #sisterhood ??????????????????we’ve come so far - and still have so, so far to go #
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 13:41
Thanks @AnnoushkaDucas for joining @HelenPankhurst @HarveyNichols to celebrate #Vote100 smashing the store windows as the Suffragettes did 100 years ago. Get a closer look here: #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 09:30
@itsanitarani & @BBCTheOneShow joined @theslumflower and @HelenPankhurst @HarveyNichols to celebrate #Vote100 smashing the store windows at the Suffragettes did 100 years ago. Get a closer look here: #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 08:45
Huge thanks @ShayDRap for lending us her track 'Suffragettes' for our #Vote100 film. Watch @HelenPankhurst smash the windows @HarveyNichols as her great-grandmother did 100 years ago. #DeedsNotWords #BehindEveryGreatCity #HelloHollyNichols @wearetheodore
News : Jul 4th 2018 by Jay Pepera
The short-listed paper demonstrates how our work drove £2.7 billion of direct and long-term sales and a profit of £400m over 4 years.
News : Mar 15th 2018 by David Metcalfe
Harvey Nichols is looking for an "alternative to brand campaigns" after appointing TBWA\London as its creative agency without a pitch.

Harvey Nichols - #HelloHollyNichols
Harvey Nichols
(Harvey Nichols)
We rebranded London landmark Harvey Nichols to Holly Nichols to launch a new Women's fashion floor.
Sep 24th 2018 18:33:01
Lidl UK - Dream Big with Lidl
Lidl UK
(Lidl U.K. GMBH)
Dream Big with Lidl
This campaign is in support of Lidl's 3 year partnership with the FA skills and coaching programme.
Jul 6th 2018 10:43:32
PlayOJO - Find your OJO
(Skill on Net Ltd)
Find your OJO
We created a campaign to inspire online casino fans to ditch unfair casinos and find their OJO.
May 14th 2018 12:08:32
Lidl UK - Lidl \ Baby
Lidl UK
(Lidl UK)
Lidl \ Baby
For the launch of Lidl’s new baby range, Lupilu, we gave a voice to those who can’t even talk yet.
May 1st 2018 17:38:57
Lidl UK - Spring Spotters
Lidl UK
Spring Spotters
A TV parody and 360 campaign in which we challenge the conventions of retail at Spring
Apr 3rd 2018 12:27:52

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