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British Gas

Smart Street


Charlie Wilson, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, OgilvyOne, said: “When British Gas asked us to think about getting customers to really engage in smart technology we wanted to take a new and very different approach. What we have done here is real customer-led content - in bite size episodic chunks - and we are thrilled at how the content is developing. Obviously these are genuine families - and with that you get all the natural drama of family life - as well as some of the pain - but that is what will keep it as entertaining as it is informative.”


British Gas wanted to showcase the possibilities and consumer benefits of the connected home and smarter living.

Smart Street

We created a brand new online series called Smart Street.

The reality TV style show follows three families over three months, documenting how they go about their daily lives using Smart Technology. Our featured families are one young couple who have just moved into their first home, one young family and one older family with teenage children.

Each family creates their own video diaries to complement our captured footage. Capturing the families’ honest reactions, Smart Street demonstrates whether smart tech can really make life smarter, easier and more fun.

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