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Paddy Power , Paddy Polar by Pitch Marketing Group
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Barkers, Do you speak dog? by Handsome Brands
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Virgin Media, Switch to Super by BBH London
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Natural History Museum, Dippy's Naturenauts by Toaster
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Ace & Tate, Me, Myself & I by WE ARE Pi
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Icelandair, Team Iceland Stopover by The Brooklyn Brothers
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J2O, Find your social mojo by VCCP Partnership
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“It was a pleasure working with Creativebrief. Not only did they bring a wealth of knowledge on agency capabilities and where the talent was, they were very supportive in sharing their knowledge on a number of remuneration models including performance related negotiations. Their approach was to be as open and transparent as possible, and to allow agencies to get a good feel for our brands as well as our company. I would certainly recommend other FMCG organisations to invest in Creativebrief.”

Raj Bassan, Senior Category Manager, BRITVIC

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Sainsbury's Bank
New brand roll-out launch
New brand roll-out for Sainsbury's award-winning financial products
19.06.2018 17:09:51
Cow & Gate
Free at heart
We believe littles ones are happiest when they grow up naturally.
BETC London
19.06.2018 13:58:54
Tic Tac
Tic Tac 'Open Up'
Encouraging ‘Happy Optimists' to open up with each other at Tic Tac's experiential…
19.06.2018 12:04:52
Corona World Ocean’s Day
Corona took the issue of marine plastic to the global stage by hijacking iconic…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
19.06.2018 11:08:49
Flit Technologies
New Branding to Empower Mobility
Unifying a technology ecosystem to power the future of sustainable mobility.
18.06.2018 18:07:35
Transport for London
Ultra Low Emission Zone
We're helping TfL tackle air pollution, putting London's 1.9 million children at…
VCCP Partnership
18.06.2018 14:07:29
Legends of the Game
‘Legends of the Game’ hails the unsung heroes who share the names of footballing…
Ogilvy UK
15.06.2018 15:44:55
Even Divas Are Believers
Hotwire had one task: make Hostelworld's new ad with Mariah Carey go viral. And…
14.06.2018 16:53:10
Birds Eye
More Than Just A Day
Backing all dads with the desire to be as involved in parenting as mums, 365 days…
14.06.2018 12:33:02
Shower Empowered
Space and NIVEA bring mass ‘Shower Karaoke’ to Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life…
14.06.2018 12:08:24
Canal & River Trust
Wellbeing For Everyone
Reposition our local waterways as a free and accessible source of wellbeing.
The Gate London
14.06.2018 11:07:05
Premier Inn
The Wedding Vending Machine
Need a clean shirt? Lost the ring? Last minute gift? Get wedding mishaps sorted…
14.06.2018 09:44:49
Team for Pirlo
No Italy, no 2018 FIFA World Cup party for Andrea Pirlo....until this happened.
Pitch Marketing Group
13.06.2018 16:51:21
Father's Day
Part of our 'Extra Mile' series for Shell Canada - live on Facebook + Instagram…
13.06.2018 15:06:56
Sainsbury's Bank
Driving new business sales of Sainsbury's insurance product
13.06.2018 14:23:05
Paddy Power
Paddy Polar
The truth: why Pitch and Paddy Power sprayed a Polar Bear with the St.George's cross…
Pitch Marketing Group
12.06.2018 16:24:10
Colonel Comeback
For the first time in 40 years, we get to meet the man behind the logo. The original…
Mother London
12.06.2018 14:08:20
Instagram and You Tube launch
A rainbow of insta-ready beauty content, designed to educate and celebrate vulva…
11.06.2018 15:52:29
Who Says You Can't
Launch EE’s new brand platform, ‘Who Says You Can’t’ with Family Gifting, the easy…
Saatchi & Saatchi
11.06.2018 14:42:14
Subsea 7
From seabed to surface
Brand environment for world-leading engineering, construction and service contractor…
Handsome Brands
11.06.2018 12:39:59
Summer Like You're 7
Summer is full of joy and playfulness, especially through the eyes of seven-year-old…
Ogilvy UK
11.06.2018 12:07:29
Be certain with Soltan
Our new campaign raises awareness of the long-term effects of UVA damage:
Ogilvy UK
11.06.2018 11:50:32
Oasis Drinks
Oasis Togetherness
Why should we rely on experts to unite people, when a fruity drinks brand can do…
The Corner
08.06.2018 10:03:16
Mint Velvet
Analytics + Attribution
An analytics audit + new attribution models = 53% more online transactions & 44%…
Red Hot Penny
07.06.2018 14:41:24
Price Right Home
Price Right Home X AMS
Embracing Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to drive brand growth and international…
Red Hot Penny
07.06.2018 14:39:56
Fall for Food
Fall in love with food in Tesco’s latest Food Love Stories voiced by Sarah Millican
BBH London
07.06.2018 12:07:27
Nuffield Health PATH
The future of health assessments
Sophisticated health assessments driven by risk analysis technology.
Handsome Brands
06.06.2018 17:34:54
The Nature Conservancy…
From Constellation to Coral Reefs
Sharing TNC’s revolutionary aerial mapping technology & bringing a new resolution…
Be Heard Group
06.06.2018 15:35:16
Breathe Right
‘Snory Book’ influencer campaign during National Stop Snoring Week resulted in +34%…
05.06.2018 17:09:55
Golden Wonder
How to get the attention of hungry shoppers
Driving shopper behaviour with strategic brand partnership. Read more:
Bray Leino
05.06.2018 14:56:45
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